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איך זה עובד

Our company expert teem, professional in Electronic hardware and
software domains is the developer of the "THERMOBIT"
A new IOT control system for every Solar & Electrical domestic Boiler.
THERMOBIT controls and monitors the water temperature according
any specific end user requirements.
THERMOBIT is a wireless WIFI/RF innovative product.

Our Vision is to transform your geyser into a smart, efficient and cost
effective asset, thereby reducing your electricity bill by as much as 50%
making for a cleaner and energy efficient environment

Focusing on IOT WIFI/RF communication products as well as CCC
products. Recently we have developed the "THERMOBIT" a unique IOT
innovative controller which modifies any dumb domestic boiler into a
smart and efficient one. Test reviles that "THERMOBIT" reduces water
heating bills by 50%.

Targeting mainly on Solar & Electrical Boiler manufacturers all over the

Thermobit was programmed as an intelligent and unique device for smart management of the hot water boiler. Enabling home electricity consumption.

For maximum efficiency without wasting energy

Thermobit is a premium product. It was designed to be special. No competing products offer the same qualities.

It is an Israeli development that was well supervised throughout the production process.

The user can set working programs according to the showering schedule at home, according to each family member’s timetable and desired temperatures.

Each program can be set separately during the day. In addition, it is possible to maintain a certain temperature throughout a specified period.

The controller calculates the temperature in the hot water boiler and does not activate Thermobit when not required in case the controller recognizes that the temperature is higher than the one set in the program (as boilers or other solar systems do).

Thermobit displays the temperature at the higher part of the boiler where the highest water layer is found unlike other boilers in Israel where the mechanical thermostat is fixed at the bottom where the cold layer of water is) and is not aware of the temperature at the warmest layer.

This feature significantly saves energy since only the upper layer has the desired temperature which water flows straight to the pipe, unlike other boilers that heat the entire boiler wearing out the material requiring frequent maintenance.

You enter the shower knowing enough hot water is available

Thermobit has been in the Israeli market for seven years with very successfully market share and excellent feedbacks

Thermobit has an upgraded version with unique features using remote activation from any location to your home.

Today, the app is suitable for smartphones using Android and iPhones as well.

Thermobit can be controlled remotely from a distance of three floors or four floors away. The wireless system does not require wire installation. The system is suitable for all boilers that are common in Israel. The boiler’s “life span” may be prolonged by a few years, by replacing the flange and heating element, as well as cleaning the inside of the boiler from scales that accumulate over the years.

Every device is encrypted with a personal code and there is no risk of interference between the different devices.

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