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This product transforms the way we live! I know how much hot water we have, I save money by avoiding to turn on the water boiler when not needed. Before Thermobit, I used to heat water repeatedly making sure I always have hot water. Now, I heat hot water wisely and more importantly, I will not run out of hot water in the middle of a shower! (I hate it when that happens…). Before purchasing Thermobit, I did not realize its revolutionary features. I realized I can actually program the hot water thermostat exactly as I prefer therefore not wasting on electricity consumption, it's awesome,

Ayala, Psagot

I am a very satisfied with the purchase of two Thermobit units for my home water boiler.

I purchased them at the beginning of the year allowing me to track the amount of hot water I have in my boiler and to avoid turning it on when not needed. I am very happy especially during the winter since I do not have to worry more about having enough hot water and wasting electricity.

I thank you very much for developing this product making my life much easier and definitely save me money on a monthly basis.

Best regards,

Amir Ya’ar

Trying to find a solution, I found myself purchasing the Thermobit device and installed it in my house.

I was surprised how user friendly and simple it is to activate. Since I installed Thermobit, all family members can view the boiler’s water temperature on a display screen. We now know how many showers can be taken at a specific temperature and we can see when there is not enough water in the boiler.

The device enables programming when to activate the boiler daily and at specific hours, so you do not have to worry about leaving the boiler on. The thermostat switches off automatically when the water is already warm so the boiler does not continue heating unnecessarily.

Since we installed the device, the boiler usage has minimized and we can feel it when we get our electricity bill. The bill has gone down by hundreds of shekels. The device is very reliable and does not require any care or maintenance except when changing regular batteries every year.

Genius idea, simple, worth every shekel

Roni Nisnovich

The device enables objective control of the hot water temperature. The installation of the inner and external parts is very easy.

I use Thermobit only to manually control two functions: to find out the present temperature or to stop heating the water at the specified temperature.


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